Organic and Non-organic Food

Organic and Non-organic Food

What makes organic and Non-organic Food different is mainly in the process of growing food products. This article will show you the difference between these two kinds of foods.  Non organic foods were the only option of farmers before the World War II. All the foods were not processed with synthetic pesticides. As the technology developed, and things like ammonium nitrate were found, farmers begin to use it as fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate was also used for ammunition. Organophosphates which was used as nerve gas was also used as insecticide.

In the process of food production fertilizer is used to increase the product of food. Insecticides are used to control pest animals. Growth hormone is largely used to increase production and prevent diseases as well.

In organic foods, farmers use natural fertilizer such as seed chopped plant materials, Green Manure and Seed Meals. They are excellent natural fertilizer. Farmers of natural or organic foods use Green Manure to protect the growth of weeds in plants. Here is fertilizer used in growing organic foods. If you are organic foods farmer, this is something you should now. Several kinds of synthetic fertilizer can destroy the environment. But fertilizer used in growing organic foods doesn’t. Organic fertilizer is the fertilizer which has not been synthesized or altered in its basic chemical make up. Synthetic fertilizer can endanger in agriculture for long term use.

What are the standards for growing organic food?

If you are to be organic food farmers in USA, it is better for you to know the standard of growing organic foods set by the USA government. Before sales, the farmers should obtain a USDA certificates to get your foods labeled organic. These certificates mean the food products are manufactured based o the standard of the US Government. The standard tells you what should not be included in organic foods. For your information, natural foods can be organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic.

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