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Colon Cleansing – The Colon, Colon Cleansers, And You.

Before getting into what colon cleansing is, it may be better to get an idea of what your colon does. That way, you will better understand why having your colon cleansed is very important. In this article, I will be discussing the Colon’s role in the digestive function of the intestinal tract. I will also discuss colon cleansing and its benefits.

What is the Colon and where is it Located?

The colon is probably more well known as your large intestines. It basically starts at the junction between your appendix and small intestines and ends up in the opening of your anus. The colon is about 1 to 2 meters long and is sectioned into three parts. They are the Ascending Colon, Transverse Colon and the Descending colon. These names may be better understood if you informed of how the colon is positioned in your body. Basically the colon forms an upside-down letter ‘U’, the ascending portion of it begins at the appendix and ends where the colon starts to bend. The Transverse part of the colon runs horizontally across, close to where your liver and stomach are located. The descending portion starts out at the second bend of the transverse colon and goes down to the anus.

What is the function of the Colon?

Most of the digestion and absorption happens in the stomach and small intestines. That’s the reason why when the food gets to the colon, it is mostly composed of water and waste. So the main function of the colon is for moving the waste for removal and to also reabsorb some of the excess water. The fecal matter begins it’s journey soft and watery in the ascending portion, it begins to harden slightly when it reaches the transverse portion and after re-absorbing more of the water, it is then expelled from the body by defecating.

A Colon Cleanse or colon cleansing is the process of flushing out any excess waste that may be trapped or stuck to the walls of any segment of the large intestines. It may also include cleaning out of the small intestines, but that depends on the specific product type. You can perform colon cleansing by using any number of commercially available products that help to remove the plaque and the excess debris that can be built up on your colon’s walls. Colon cleansing is considered to be very helpful in alleviating a lot of diseases and contributes to overall better health and it has even been rumored to prevent the development of colon cancer.

Is Colon Cleansing Right For You?

Well, it really depends on you and what you want. A lot of experts would probably tell you that undergoing the process would be the best thing you could do for optimal health and taking care of your body, and they are not wrong. They are, of course basing it on the many positive results that have come from lots of satisfied people who have had a colon cleansing. These individuals have come away from the treatments feeling much better and not experiencing all of the ailments and symptoms of certain health problems that they had before.

So, there you go: a look into what the colon is, where it’s at, and what it does. If you feel like you may need to have a colon cleansing procedure done, by all means you should do it. Just make sure that you are doing it safely. You should consult a physician and review the products very thoroughly before going through with it. Not all colon cleanse products are created equal.

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Colon Cleansing – The Colon, Colon Cleansers, And You.

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