Baby: Books Already in Hand at 6 Months!?

Baby: Books Already in Hand at 6 Months!?
Baby: Books Already in Hand at 6 Months!?

The recommendations to bring the little ones to words and pages, with stages from birth to two and a half years.

Books to be read from very small. It will help children to become adults who love reading. Here is the step by step approach, taken from guidelines for parents of “Born to Read“, a project of pediatricians.

From 0 to 1 month: Yes to lullabies. Remember, children love rituals and routines. Never tire of repeat always the same.

At 2 months: It is the moment of figures: let them see the drawings of human faces or photographs, always in large format, and explain what they are.

At 6 months: You can start with the actual books. They must be durable, non-toxic, with large pages, bright colors and familiar objects or pictures of children. Try to hold the book together with your baby’s hands and read the sentences that correspond to the images.

At 12 months: In this step, the books must show family activities (eating, sleeping and playing) and small animals, while the texts are preferred and read aloud with the nursery rhymes.

At 15 months: It should be well read books with short and easy sentences that your child can learn and repeat.

At 18 months: It is the right age for the books about animals (you can read the part of cow, dog and cat), children and the things of every day, with short sentences.

At 24 months: In two years, the children read the book that has been proposed to dolls or the pet by mum and dad, reinventing their own stories. While you are walking together, it’s good to read the lettering, signs and signals.

At 30 months: At this age the child can read a book that has been read many times. The texts must always be simple, but you can start with the traditional fables and fairy tales. The child will love the story and choose to have it read many times.

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