mystery illness please help healthcool

mystery illness please help  healthcool

ok so i threw my back out in a year ago and since then it never really healed, it felt like i tore somehitng in my lower left back. it then turned into what feels like all my muscles in my body are breaking down, pain in my anus, loss of muscel in hips and gait, losing strentgh in my hand and arms, getting harder to use a can opener weakness in my jaw, i thorw up every morningcant extend my legs because it feels like my knees are held back by somehitng behind them. when i tor my back it also effected my arms and shoulders, i have lost aloty weight and now my shoulders have become much weaker i can feel right down tothe bone, i am panicing because im only 25 and feel like im becoming crippled, my body gives off this wierd chemical smeel, and now my hair is falling out, emg was normal, mri of brain normal, been going to the va hospital in baltimore, they cant figure anyhting out, all my joints are now cracking and it fels like there is no strenght to my soft tissue, i have 2 degenerated desicated disks in my upper back with shmoler nodes, i dont know what would cause my whole body to break down does any body have any clue

on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 12:51 pm and is filed under health.

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