What are antioxidants and free radicals? Why do we need them? Do they help cancer?

What are antioxidants and free radicals? Why do we need them? Do they help cancer?

Learn more about Antioxidants.The first thing to do to improve health seems to be to alkalize. Next is to cleanse. Then the last thing to do is build.If you would like to know more about alkalizing first click on the link below.

When biochemical processes take place,the left over are partial molecules caring an electrical charge. These are known as free radicals and anitoxidants get rid of these free radicals. They are in our food, especially processed food and in a lot of our water. They are also in the air we breath and are in chemical drugs. Believe it or not the largest amounts are manufactured in our bodies as a by-product of our own metabolism.

How do free Radicals harm us?

The electrical shocks they produce are harmful to our cells. Our cells can be damaged or destroyed. Free radical damage can help lead to arthritis, diabetes and other disorders according to where the damage occurs.

What can you do to prevent this Free Radical damage?

Consider taking proanthocyanidin’s, OPC as it is called from the grape seeds because it has been found to be superior to the OPC from the pine bark. OPC is 50 times greater than vitamin E and 20 times greater than vitamin C. I first learned about OPC years ago from a cassette tape I heard about pycnogenol. That is what they called pycnogenol at the time. I spoke with several people who received great results from saturated doses of this natural product. The fad died down as usual but this product remains a very good antioxidant for many people today. We are having to deal with more things in our environment that causes free radicals. We need all the help we can get.

Dr. Jack Masquelier

A French scientist, Dr. Jack Masquelier was the person I heard on the cassette tape years ago. His research was most exciting. He discovered the medium size molecule. These are chemically known as oligo meres. Oligo means “a few” and mere means “parts”. These medium sized molecules was the free radical protecting factor increased a lot when 2,3 or 4 basic molecules joined together. It was found that the OPC made from grapes were richer in OPC than the pine bark, yielding 93% OPC .

Alkalize, Cleanse, Build

Alkalizing first helps our bodies to absorb our food and food supplements better and should improve overall health. To learn more about PH and why it is important to your health click on the link below.

The next step to improve overall health after you get your PH back to alkaline from acid is to cleanse. The antioxidant OPC is a great way to start. Some vitamin C with minerals in a powder form is the best way to take vitamin C that I have found. The minerals give a buffer to the very acid vitamin C. There are other antioxidants I will discuss or add to this site later. Remember you made not feel very good during the alkalizing and cleansing stages. You may have flu like symptoms. This is your body purging the materials that need to be removed.

Last we need to build. You build with probiotics. There are many types of good bacteria in foods you can buy or make yourself. You can also take capsule food supplements that have good bacteria in it. Be careful to buy quality. For more on probiotics see my site on antibiotics by clicking on the link below. Thanks for visiting my site.