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Healthy Living - HealthyConf2008

The Digital App Improving Health for Patients and Staff

According to a recently published article by the British Medical Journal 86% of nurses had reported at some point having to leave at least one caregiving task unfinished at the end of their shifts. The main reason for this was ‘lack of time’ which prevented them from completing tasks like comforting and educating patients and their families. This lack of time has also had substantially negative effects on the health of staff themselves with the unrelenting stress of such a high workload leading to reduced job satisfaction, burnout and inevitably greater staff turnover.

In order to address this problem a number of Scottish health boards reached out to software developers to provide a means for their hospitals and healthcare centres to more effectively manage their resources. After an initial investment of over £2million in Nugensis Health’s Wardview patient flow software 87% of Scottish hospitals and care centres are now using Nugensis’ health products.

The investment has certainly paid off with the ‘shoe-string budgeted’ NHS agreeing that they have seen great improvement in patient flow. According to Scotland’s former Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing “The system gives full visibility of the hospital and cuts down on phone calls, and assists with the flow of patients in the hospital reducing delays”. Figures reported by hospitals show that Wardview has helped to reduce the average length of time patients are required to stay in hospital by 16-20% and has cut the need for multidisciplinary team meetings by 50%.

The software itself improves patient flow throughout the hospital system by tracking patient admission, diagnosis, treatment, discharge and/or transfers and enabling staff, equipment and other resources to be allocated more effectively. Staff access the system through a network of interconnected tablets and touchscreen computers based at central stations throughout hospitals and wards and enable staff to move patients through the system carefully and safely. The system also has the ability to track the secondary care services of the hospital system such as laundry, meals and pharmacy services, which when it all functions together allows the already underfunded NHS to function to a much higher capacity.

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day; it is evident that skipping it won''t do you any favours. Research has indicated (for some time), that people who skip breakfast on a regular basis are more likely to be overweight than those that don''t. People of course will always argue the opposite and obviously there will be exceptions, however it is true that if you are hungry and tired, you are more likely to reach for the more sugary, fatty and unhealthy option come mid-morning.

Read on a few suggestions on how to make sure that you don''t miss breakfast and that it is healthy and filling. Making a nutritional breakfast yourself also means that you won''t be tended to spend money on fatty and generally unsatisfying muffins and pastries.

Apple sandwiches with nut butter and granola maybe sound like some sort of vegan fad, but they are actually delicious and fun to make too! The nut butter is particularly important to ensure that you stay full throughout the morning. They take only a couple of minutes to prepare, and you can eat them on the go too, perfect for a busy lifestyle. Slice an apple as thinly as possible, spread with nut butter add granola and well sandwich. Yum!

This is another one to feature nut butter, this time just plain old peanut. It''s peanut butter, strawberry and banana quesadillas. Sandwich chopped strawberries and bananas in two peanut buttered whole wheat tortilla before toasting in a frying pan. Delicious and light-weight and at the same time amazingly filling, this tastes more like a treat than breakfast.

It was inevitable that porridge would feature on this list, and no wonder. It is hearty and good for you, and requires virtually no preparation. Perhaps the only pitfall is what you add to it. Also to avoid are ready packaged porridges that already have a condiment included. You are far better just making it yourself from scratch and it isn''t really any extra effort.

For those who really cannot stomach the thought of chomping through a nutritional breakfast, then smoothies are definitely the breakfast hack for you. Vegetables, fruit, milk, yoghurt, even a touch of honey, as long as the ingredients are healthy, then the smoothie will be too. Ideal for gulping down when you''re on the go, just remember not to super-size the portions!

If you are a person that enjoys chowing down on something substantial in the morning, then eggs are perfect. They are so versatile that you can have them often without feeling as though your diet is samey. The same goes for fish. Although not so commonly associated with breakfast these days, it is a great and super nutritional way to dine.

Mix and match and find your tastes - just remember that health and portion control key are key.

At HealthyConf2008 we aim to help give healthy living tips and advice that don''t require an expensive gym membership or shopping exclusively at a trendy organic farmers'' market. We believe that health and well-being can be achieved anywhere by anyone.