Exercise as one of the ways to improve health.

Exercise as one of the ways to improve health.

To restore health and build a routine of exercise,diet,supplements and other important things to do that will help you stay on track and live longer you need a plan you can stay on. Before starting a program take a look at my three step plan to restore health. Then I add to that plan to exercise, get enough sleep, manage stress and start to improve your diet. My three step plan is to alkalize, cleanse and build. To understand these step more click on the links below.

alkalize, First of three steps to restore health with exercise Antioxidants antibiotics

Now we will address the subject of this site. After you get going on alkalizing you will need to exercise some to move the toxins and waste from your system. Cardiovascular problems stems from a lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes, excess serum cholesterol, hypertension, smoking daily, poor diet. Exercise is the main problem here. You would need you stop smoking and make your diet better. Making the diet better is not as hard as you think. By rebounding you can improve breathing and digestion. It will help increase your oxygen to your lungs.

In order to get the heart to pump more blood you must increase your heart rate. To make the heart strong the heart muscle must be strengthen. The best way to do this is with a rhythmic and continuous motion so you use the large muscles of the body. Rebounding is the best way to accomplish this.

There are many ways to use the rebounder. If you are sick, older or unsteady on your feet you can hold on to the bar or sit down and bounce. This method of jogging is easier on your ankles, knees, back and hips.

Rebounding helps your circulation, assimilation and elimination processes. This helps the distribution of nutrients. It helps to remove old cells and replace with new ones. Rebounding helps the muscles to become stronger and to have less fatigue. The tendons become stronger that will make it less likely to get a strain or sprain.

Look at the 33 ways the Body Responds to Rebounding by Morton Walker

1.Rebounding provides an increased G-force (gravitational load),which strengthens the musculoskeletal systems. 2.Rebounding protects the joints from the chronic fatigue and impactdelivered by exercising on hard surfaces. 3.Rebounding helps manage body composition and improves muscle-to-fatratio. 4.Rebounding aids lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millionsof one-way valves in the lymphatic system. 5.Rebounding circulates more oxygen to the tissues. 6.Rebounding establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygenrequired by the tissues and the oxygen made available. 7.Rebounding increases capacity for respiration. 8.Rebounding tends to reduce the height to which the arterialpressures rise during exertion. 9.Rebounding lessens the time during which blood pressure remainsabnormal after severe activity. 10.Rebounding assists in the rehabilitation of a heart problem. 11.Rebounding increases the functional activity of the red bone marrow inthe production of red blood cells. 12.Rebounding improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories areburned for hours after exercise. 13.Rebounding causes muscles to perform work in moving fluids through thebody to lighten the heart''s load. 14.Rebounding decreases the volume of blood pooling in the veins of thecardiovascular system preventing chronic edema. 15.Rebounding encourages collateral circulation by increasing thecapillary count in the muscles and decreasing the distance between thecapillaries and the target cells. 16.Rebounding strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body so thatthey work more efficiently. 17.Rebounding allows the resting heart to beat less often. 18.Rebounding lowers circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 19.Rebounding lowers low-density lipoprotein (bad) in the blood andincreases high-density lipoprotein (good) holding off the incidence ofcoronary artery disease. 20.Rebounding promotes tissue repair. 21.Rebounding for longer than 20 minutes at a moderate intensityincreases the mitochondria count within the muscle cells, essential forendurance. 22.Rebounding adds to the alkaline reserve of the body, which may be ofsignificance in an emergency requiring prolonged effort. 23.Rebounding improves coordination between the propreoceptors in thejoints, the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain,transmission of nerve impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibers. 24.Rebounding improves the brain’s responsiveness to the vestibularapparatus within the inner ear, thus improving balance. 25.Rebounding offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, andother pain caused by lack of exercise. 26.Rebounding enhances digestion and elimination processes. 27.Rebounding allows for deeper and easier relaxation and sleep. 28.Rebounding results in better mental performance, with keener learningprocesses. 29.Rebounding curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women. 30.Rebounding minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestivedisturbances, and abdominal problems. 31.Rebounding tends to slow down atrophy in the aging process. 32.Rebounding is an effective modality by which the user gains a sense ofcontrol and an improved self image. 33.Rebounding is enjoyable!

People who rebound find they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feelless tense and nervous. The effect is not just psychological, because theaction of bouncing up and down against gravity effectively stimulates thelymphatic system without trauma to the musculoskeletal system. You need the most beneficial form of exercise ever developed.

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I feel the best supplement to help your body is the coral calcium mineral water called x2o. To learn more click on the link below.The three step plan along with exercise and a reasonable diet really helped me. Educate yourself. Thank you for visiting my site.

Remember if you exercise to much it makes you acid. You need to alkalize. Click on the link below.

Learn more about alkalization

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