Start A Home Health Business. Are You Ready?

Start A Home Health Business. Are You Ready?

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Time To Start A Home Health Business?

To start a home health business is the same as starting a home health care agency in the home health care industry. The home health care business is one of the best small businesses to start, according to

Your home health business can be a very lucrative work from home business.

Many people start a home health business from their home. They may or may not decide to open an office at a later date after they’ve grown.The state health department regulates home health care agencies. Regulations vary from state to state. It is important to make sure that your business is interacting with licensing and regulatory requirements. You could be fined and or serve imprisonment for not complying with the law.

1. Determine services provided - research other local home health care agencies to determine the services being offered. Researching and having a variety of home health care services that you provide can add to your marketing strategy. The more services you offer the more you will set your business apart from your competitors. You could contract out for home healthcare professionals. You would need a registered nurse (RN) as part of your team if you would like to start a medical home care agency. You may hire a nurse as your supervising nurse whom would preside over the caregivers. When you first start a home health business, and you are on a budget, you may be able to contract out for a nurse and pay her only for the hours worked rather than to employ one full time and pay her a salary.Your nurse would be a major asset to your home health business. She would visit your prospects to assess their medical needs. She would create your prospect’s care plan and have them sign your contract for home health care service.Your nurse would also visit your clients monthly to keep up with their health condition and stay in their favor. On visits, your nurse would take your client’s vitals as necessary. She would also take gloves if the supply would be low. You may add the cost of the gloves to your client’s bill.If you are an experienced

or nurse, you should have a pretty good feel for conducting and starting a home health business. You could hire experienced or inexperienced home health aides or

. You could guide the inexperienced when they need it. If you have no experience what so ever, you may want to think about looking into home health franchise opportunities. You may need to depend on your employees’ experience and expertise to help you even if you are trained by a home health care franchise. If you have no experience in the field, you should hire only experienced caregivers.Marketing an experienced, trained staff will solidify the trustworthiness of your business. All staff must pass a criminal record check.2. Decide on the sort of business entity - the business might be a sole proprietor, corporation, limited liability corporation, or joint venture. It is best to consult with an attorney and taxation accountant about which entity is ideally suited for you. You will be responsible for paying your personal and business taxes, payroll, worker''s compensation and business liability insurance.3. Decide on a business name. Obtain a business license from your state. 4. Apply for an

(EIN) from the government. It doesn’t cost you anything to apply or receive your EIN. This number is a nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your banking, tax filing, and other business purposes.This number is conveniently obtained online, or through calling the IRS. Telephone Assistance for Businesses:Toll-Free, 1-800-829-4933Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. your local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time).5. You may contact your state health department and ask for an application packet for a home health care agency. There are two kinds of applications. One is for medical and the other is for non-medical. Medical is health care and non-medical is home care. The term home care is a care service that is provided by persons who do not have to be licensed medical personnel. Your state may ask for a policy and practice manual. Things like employee requirements and job explanations may be inclusive of the manual. 6. After you have your license from your state health department to start a home health business, you should then go to your county office and register your business.

Typical marketing strategies when you start a home health Business are: • making direct visits to individual residential homes, senior communities, senior organizations, hospital and physician offices - direct visits can offer an opportunity for the agency to set up presentations to each individual company• circulating brochures explaining the services your agency provides • hiring a marketing specialist• apply for Medicaid and Medicare as a provider. This can lead to a wider range associated with eligible patients, as well as being a reliable stream of profit.

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