Prenatal Vitamin Study

Prenatal Vitamin Study

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  • Has anyone taken Trileptal during pregnancy?
    My daughter is 4 months pregnant with her 1st child. She has had a seizure disorder since she was age 12. She is on Trileptal as well as prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Ever since becoming pregnant, she has been having more seizures, so the doctor has increased her dosage a couple times (Trileptal is the only med she is on). She is naturally worried that it might affect the baby. Her neurologist says probably not, but of course there’s risk with every drug. Does anyone know anyone who has taken Trileptal during pregnancy? Did the baby have any problems or birth defects? All the websites just talk about studies being done on it with animals, etc. Any insight would make her feel better. Thank you!

  • VBAC with Epidural?
    I have a one year old and thinking of having a second baby. The first time, I went into labor and was fully dilated but we had to go for a c-section because his head was too big and wouldn’t fit through. My baby was 8.1 lbs. and very healthy. I would like to try for a VBAC this time but with an epidural. Is it possible? I had an epidural the first time and it gave me a lot of control over pushing.
    I also read a study that prenatal vitamins cause babies to be bigger and increases the rate of a c-section. Will it help if I don’t take the prenatal vitamins this time?

    • First and foremost you have been mis-informed. Prenatal vitamins in no way or form are a reason for a cesarean. They help provide nutrients and vitamins to the baby durring pregnancy. Mainly to make sure the baby is getting enough cause sometimes our diets are not so great. Your baby weighing only 8.1 lbs is average. You most likely have just a small frame or an unusaully small pelvis. The baby will mold to your pelvis at birth so it can fit. You may have just not had enough room for it to work. If you truly believe taking prenatals increases your chances of cesarean…I honestly think thats nutty. As far as a VBAC goes…why wouldnt you have an epidural? Unless you want natural childbirth or plan to go the local anesthetic route go ahead otherwise theres nothing at all prohibiting epidural during labor. Yes, i am aware you had an epidural for your cesarean and if you had actually had one during labor you would know its the same thing they just dont inject as much into you. And if you could please let me know where you found this article about prenatals. The physician I work for would like to contact them. As far as personal experiences goes. My son was 7.13 lbs. and born by cesarean because they thought he was too big. In fact he wasnt. Your doctor may be able to tell but, i had to see a perinatologist to prove to my doctor at the time he was wrong my son could have came on his own.

  • Anyone know where i can find studies involving prenatal vitamins?
    Hi everyone who took the time to read my question thanks in advance. I’m trying to find studies or any article that deals with prenatal vitamins. I’m also trying to find anything on insufficient vitamin E during pregnancy can increase a child’s risk of developing asthma or article that says otherwise. If you do can you please tell me. And one more thing the source must be valid, no false source. Any mothers can give their personal experience with vitamin E during and pregnancy and postpartum.
    Thank You. if you want to email me anything my email address is