Organic Spirulina

Organic Spirulina

pure (unmodified) organic spirulina. The ingredients are: Berry Juice,

Crystalline Fructose, Organic Spirulina (300mg) - This is 100mg

more than other Organic Spirulina brand in the market! Xanthan Gum, Guar

Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor and Color, Purified Water and permitted

Spirulina can be used by, for, and help in the following

Regardless of your personal self-care strategy, people who

take it daily report the most health benefits, whether it is for energy,

building, cleansing, or dieting. One additional benefit you may notice from

regular use is more beautiful skin.

New research also reveals health benefits

from taking organic spirulina. Hundreds of published scientific studies reveal

how spirulina, and its unique phytonutrients and extracts, boost the immune

system and improve health in many ways;

Anti-Cancer Tumor Effects - Well publicised scientific studies indicate that Spirulina extracts may

prevent or inhibit cancer in humans and animals. It was found that people

who were taking beta carotene supplements suffered about half as many

heart attacks, strokes and heart surgeries.

Lower cholesterol & Risk of Heart Disease - Spirulina is one of

the few natural foods having cholesterol-reducing effects.

Stimulate the immune system - Spirulina is a powerful tonic for the

immune system. It not only stimulates the immune system, it actually enhances

the body''s ability to generate new blood cells.

Role in Weight Loss - Losing weight is not easy and Spirulina is

helpful in more ways than one. Taking Spirulina before meals helps to satisfy

the appetite so that one eats less at mealtime and does not feel as hungry

Providing High Iron Biovailability & Correcting Anaemia - Spirulina

is the richest iron food, containing at least 20 times more iron than any

Potent Anti-Viral Activity - Recent scientific studies showed that

Spirulina may inhibit bacterial and parasitic infections and prevent viral

Build healthy lactobacillus - Healthy lactobacillus in the intestines

provides humans with three major benefits: better digestion and absorption,

protection from infection, and stimulation of the immune system.

healing and Antibiotic Effects - Spirulina have been used in facial creams

and body wraps, and there are reports of people taking it in baths to promote

skin health. In France, pharmaceutical compounds containing Spirulina as an

Benefits for Malnourished Children - As little as ten grams a day

brings rapid recovery from malnutrition, especially for infants.

Reduce radiation sickness - A natural polysaccharide extract of

Spirulina had a protective effect against gamma radiation. Phycocyanin and

polysaccharides enhances the reproduction of bone marrow and cellular

Reduce kidney toxicity - Heavy metals and many drugs are known to be

toxic to the kidneys. Spirulina have a beneficial effect for humans suffering

from heavy metal poisoning. Side effects limit the doasge of many drugs,

slowing the recovery period. Kidney side effects from pharmaceutical drugs may

decrease when Spirulina is eaten along with the administration of drugs.