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As I finally rise up out of my mild hibernation (I’m not a cold weathered girl), I emerge with the desire to re-do my eating habits and finally start doing some things I have been soo resisting! I tend to just slightly overdo it with the indulgences in the winter!

So want to know what they are?

Well for starters, I’m juicing every morning.

Continue my strict gluten free diet

No dairy ( this is one of my indulgences)

40 day Challenge at Joschi in NYC,

Surround myself more with my Sisterhood Community of powerful women!

More self-care: massages, walks in Central Park, reading, cooking

Schedule my annual exam and dental cleaning

Be open to receive all the glorious opportunities this year!

Today’s juicing recipe: 3 leaves of kale, 12 lemon, 1 cucumber, 3 stalks celery, 1 apple ( all organic).

So what are you doing to enhance your life, your health this year?  Is there something you too have been resisting?

As I hold up my juice to you, make one change this year for the better. Come on I know you can do it!

Until next week ( yes, I am going to blog more!)

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I have become more and more interested in superfoods.  It seems that it’s the new catchy, hot term in health and wellness these days.  So I will be discussing each and every one of them in detail for you to explore and try for yourself!

Cacao: All chocolate is made from cacoa, which is a nut. It does not contain sugar, dairy, or chemicals. It contains the highest amount of antioxidants, more than blueberries, acai, and goji berries combined!  It contains:

Magnesium- helps to relax muscles and increases alkalinity

Iron-about 300% of the RDA and fights anemia

Chromium- keeps your blood sugar in check

Vitamin C- cacoa must be raw , the cooked form will lose it

Omega 3 Fatty Acids- great for inflammation but it must be raw!

Phenylethylamine (PEA)- increases focus and alertness.

Anandamide- is an endorphin that gives us that good feeling along with tryptophan and serotonin.

You can purchase cacoa in many different forms: Nibs, powder, butter, paste, raw chocolate bars, and in trail mixes.

4 cups of water, or hot/cold tea, coconut water, or any nut milk

1-2 tbsp sweetener of your choice( agave, yacon, or raw honey)

From the book Superfoods by David Wolfe.

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As I settle into living in NY once again, I find myself wandering into so many different restaurants, sampling gluten free foods.  Being here has allowed to me to truly delve into my passion of food.  I was invited to attend the Gluten Free Food Expo in Chicago in April,, as a nutritional consultant. Hopefully I will be able to cook to my hearts content!

Will be starting to work with a book coach for my gluten free cookbook, excited for this momentum!

My newest recipe is for empanadas. I have yet to find anyone that makes them gluten free. So here I went, actually the crust came out very flaky and moist!

Stuffed them with chicken with an onion, garlic, olive mixture. So delicious!

The crust is GF but not dairy free, its got cream cheese and butter in the mix which makes it very moist! My flour was from Pamela’s Baking/Pancake Mix.

Mix dry with wet ingredients and form into ball, refrigerate for 15 minutes

Stuffing: You can use beef or chicken or anything you want actually, my version has chicken:

In a pan, saute onions and garlic with oil until golden brown. Add chopped tomatoes and stir. Add chicken  and olives, cook until chicken is thoroughly cooked. Roll out the dough, have a large round cookie cutter, place 1/2 tsp of the chicken in the center and fold over, making a crescent shape. Press sides together. Place on a non stick baking pan, brush a beaten egg on the surface of the empanada. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

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1 tbsp vindaloo spices (

Saute onions and garlic with olive oil. After lightly browned, add chicken and cook thoroughly. Add stock, coconut milk, stir then add potatoes, carrots/peas, raisins, and spices. After 20 minutes, add cornstarch to thicken. Stir well! Serve over quinoa or rice!

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Enter the world of a gluten-free fanatic! I will be blogging about celiac disease, integrative medicine, food, and lots of cooking! Nutrition and supplements are part of my daily regimen. Lets explore spices and recipes together!

Finding the right balance of health and wellness and keeping up with the latest research is my forte. I know you have questions about celiac and what gluten free living really means, right? I’ve been there, a few years ago, I suffered from severe anemia, vitamin deficiencies, joint and muscle pain.  Today, I’m totally gluten free and I feel great! Being gluten free is one of the best things I discovered after doing a gene test despite what my specialist told me.

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