Four Time Mr. Olampia Jay Cutler Gym Workout And Diet Plans

Four Time Mr. Olampia Jay Cutler Gym Workout And Diet Plans

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Four Time Mr. Olampia Jay Cutler Gym Workout And Diet Plans

TweetBodybuilding is becoming a trend in the youth. But doing  gym properly is really necessary. Everyone of us know about the Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman is now the most famous name of the bodybuilding world. After him Jay Cutler is also the professional bodybuilder. He is having the amazing physique. Jay Cutler is a 4 time Mr Olympia winner and a big competitor of Ronnie Coleman. Jay Cutler Gym Workout is really very strict and disciplined. Jay Cutler Gym Workout containing lots of hard work.  Jay Cutler is doing gym from the beginning in the Gold gym.

Jay Cutler is really a hard worker. He is having the amazing physique because of his good work in the gym. Jay Cutler go to gym 5 days a week and 2 days rest. Because after lots of hard work rest is also needed.

On Monday Jay Cutler do the exercises of Delts, triceps and abs. In delt exercises like Delts Dumbbell Side Laterals , then Dumbbell Press , Side Lateral Cable and Bent Over Dumbbell Laterals. Between these exercises he take one minute rest after each exercise.  Then in triceps exercises Triceps Cable Extension , Single Arm Extensions, Close-Grip Bench Press etc. The he do crunches for abs  then leg raises with and without weight.

On Tuesday Jay Cutler do the back exercises which are included in the major part exercises. In back exercises dumbbell rows, bent over barbell rows, dead lifts, close grip T bar row and seated rows. All the exercises are the strength needed exercises. So now you can imagine Jay Cutler Gym Workout which is really very hard.

Wednesday is the rest day for Jay and then on Thursday he used to do the two part exercises chest and biceps. In chest exercises he do Chest Incline Barbell Press, Flat Dumbbell Press, Incline Dumbbell Flyes, Cable Crossovers and Decline Bench Press. After this for biceps exercises Biceps Straight Bar Curl, Single Arm Dumbbell Curl, Single Arm Preacher Curl and Hammer Curl.

After this on Friday Jay do leg exercises like Leg Extensions , Leg Press, Squats, Lunges and Leg Extensions again. Then On Saturday , Jay used to do hamstrings and calves.

All the exercises are done with the heavy weights. If you want to follow Jay Cutler Gym Workout , then you have to start with good guidance and good diet. 

Jay Cutler is professional body builder and he is really strict about his workout and diet plan. After this heavy workout he used to take a proper diet. In chicken eggs and protein shakes are the most important parts. If you also want to take some protein shakes, so you have to consult with you trainer. He also used to eat cheese and juices too.

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