Exercise Your Mind Online

Exercise Your Mind Online

How to Exercise Your Mind Online

Did you know that you can exercise your mind online if you surf the internet in a productive way? Those who have never visited the Internet may have a good reason for doing so for accomplishing this. New research is suggesting that your brain may work better when you surf the Web. A recent study examined the brain activity of 24 adults while they browsed the Internet. They ranged in ages from 55 to 78 years old. One half of the group were Internet newbies, the other half were daily Internet users. The brain of each person was scanned before beginning the study. Initially, the newbie brain scans showed much less activity in regions related to decision-making and working memory compared with the more seasoned users. However, by week''s end, their brain patterns were almost identical to the veterans. As we get older, our brains change in function and structure, affecting decision-making and memory. The study, put forward at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, suggests that browsing the Internet may be a helpful brain exercise for older adults. It could even actually delay the onset of brain diseases like Alzheimer''s.

The Internet is loaded with websites and applications for training your mind. Taking some time from your day to answer trivia questions, play word games, or brain teasers can help ensure that you aren''t simply mindlessly consuming information. Activities like these can actually improve your memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

The Internet is a tool. And like any tool, it can be used in ways that are helpful or harmful. You can spend hours online each day on social media like Facebook and Twitter, reading and sending email, or looking at funny pictures. But if you are aiming at improving your mind, you should devote at least some time to learning. One great way to use the Internet is by exploiting the vast amount of knowledge available on improving your health. You could start by searching for information on a particular health condition you have.

The Internet is the Ultimate rabbit hole. Once you learn something new, it often leads you to places you never imagined. You may find alternative health remedies that are more effective and inexpensive than conventional medicine offers. For example, what if you found that a cheap home remedy controlled that skin condition that has been nagging you? This discovery could save you hundreds on dermatology bills: money that could be spent instead on visits to a spa, a vacation, or for those yoga classes you''ve been considering.

The point is to use the Internet to improve your mind and knowledge base, not merely for entertainment. And what you may discover is that learning itself is fun and rewarding. Too many of us have been conditioned to think of learning as drudgery, probably due to too many boring teacher''s lectures in school. Continually learning and educating yourself throughout your life, long after your school days have passed, is a wonderful way to keep your mind supple and sharp.Please visit www.healthylifestyles4u.com for more information.

This article was submitted by Jean Knoth, a blogger for http://www.centurylinkdeals.com/. He specializes in health and wellness.

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